Work on yachts

 Most of people has an opinion that work on yachts as one of crew members is a certain symbiosis of highly paid holiday with voyage. On the one hand so it also is, whether this or seasonal occupation is dependent on that pit, work on the vessel always opens a set of doors to the new and fascinating world.

 One of the most important features of work on vessels is that fact that each beginner has to begin the career development with the lowest step and over time rise up a career ladder. So huge number of captains was begun the professional way with a simple position of the sailor which is initial level from all available positions which are present on the vessel. Sailors perform all physical works onboard, maintain purity, carry out entertainments on water, and also are engaged in control of watercrafts, carry out maintenance. Vacancies to the sailor's position in modern time it is always vacant.

 As for vacancy of the steward, this role is initial level for all internal positions. Stewardesses are round the clock responsible for the maintenance of an interior in an ideal look, and also for satisfaction of needs of guests which come by the vessel. They watch purity, do washing, the cleaning, satisfy requests and wishes of clients. The highly skilled stewardess always pays attention to all details and requests of guests.

 Great attention owners of yachts pay attention to the people applying for vacancy of the assistant to the cook and according to the cook, the chef as guests staying on the vessel pay great attention not only to service, but also to food. Unlike hotels and restaurants, on yachts the cook with the assistants is engaged not only cooking, but also her storage, and cleaning of kitchen and kitchen utensils. Cooks need to be also round the clock ready to that guests can order dishes at any time, make urgent orders, order the menu consisting of dietary or exotic dishes. The cook has to be ready to unusual wishes of clients.

 Crews for yachts in present time are in very great demand, they live onboard the vessel, have unique opportunity to open for themselves a set of the colourful moments, to test the mass of fascinating impressions, thus to have quite good salary. In modern time big shortage of the good, qualified teams is felt.

 The most demanded vacancies of work on yachts are cooks and engineers. The highly skilled team respectively has to have excellent preparation, both practical, and theoretical. Each crew member, since the lowest ranks, such as sailors, stewards and cooks and finishing representatives of the highest ranks have to have special certificates, the medical certificate of ENG1. Settling on any vacancy on the vessel to you it is necessary to have good labor ethics and to become the good crew member, it is necessary for you from the first day of stay on the vessel to create the responsible relation to work, as the, and colleagues.

 Important feature is that the seaman of any position, in case of an unforeseen situation, has to manage to replace any worker of the deck vessel, respectively you have to know bases of repair by the yacht, know basic methods of management it, in case of flooding of the vessel or its ignition to be able to combat for the life and life of all crew.

 One of the main requirements of revenues to any vacancy of work on yachts are good sociable skills, and also excellent knowledge of English. Also the attention to existence of addictions which existence is unacceptable on the vessel is paid.

 There is a huge number of ways of job search on yachts of any class. You need to place only the summary by means of staff recruitment agencies on the Internet. It is initially possible to join deck crew, to be issued to a position of a low rank, for example, having become the assistant to the engineer, the cook or the steward. Gathering knowledge and precious experience, over time you can hold such position as the senior steward who directs and controls work of other stewardesses, distributes work among them. Or, having graduated from special courses or the relevant school, you can promptly rise up a career ladder, and receive such position, as: the boatswain, after him you can apply for the post of the captain.

 To hold the interesting position which corresponds to your opportunities, first of all it is necessary to estimate the forces and opportunities objectively.

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